1 Jan 2019

Airbus A330 TRE/TRI/SFE/SFI/GI A330 Contingent SFI-CAE Korea

A330 Pilot Jobs Anywhere

Job Description

* Valid ATPL from recognized ICAO country. Preferably rated on type.

* MOLIT highly desirable

* 5+ years airline experience with a minimum 2000 PIC hours in PIC hours in jet transport aircraft. Check instructors must have minimum 3000 PIC hours.

* 500 Hours PIC on type

* 3+ years instructional and/or evaluating experience as a simulator instructor

* Relevant work experience demonstrating the ability to develop lesson plans, able to work independently and uphold high standards in training delivery

* Completed an ICAO airline recognized CRM initial training course

* Able to read, write and articulate well in English

* No restrictions on air travel and physically able to conduct FTSD instruction

* Additional requirements may apply

Compensation, package and benefits

Initial training( 2 to 3 weeks if type rated) : USD 150.00 per training day

Full flight simulator : USD 600 per session

Training check evaluator : USD 650 per session

Per Diems : USD 90 per day in Korea

Additional information

20 days per rotation can be expected, 10 rotations per year

4 Star accommodation and taxi/shuttle bus between the center will be provided

Business Class travel to selected cities

How to Apply

Apply HERE

Job Types: Airbus A330 TRE/TRI/SFE/SFI/GI.


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